This workshop is for anyone who has experienced grief and loss, and wishes to move forward in a healthy way.

It may be recent, or from many moons ago. It might be to do with separation, miscarriage, baby loss, bereavement, redundancy or rejection from family or community.

It can be difficult to feel connected to the body. Modern life is lived more in the head than in the body and the speed by which we live makes it challenging to tune inwards. When we experience challenges such as heartbreak or loss, our bodies rarely get the space to process what has happened. We might rush ourselves to ‘get on with it’ and think we have bounced back before we have. Or we might ignore what has happened because it’s just too painful to address what happened.

grief loss movement workshop

"When grief is held in the body, it blocks our life force. We are held back from expressing our most true and vital self."

Trauma is held in the body. You can’t just talk your way out of it. 

The mind and body are not really separated, yet we see a talking therapist for the head and a body practitioner for our physical selves. When things are held in the body and not released, they become an emotional scar, where layers of tension build up around it. This blocks the life force. It can show up as deep tiredness or feeling like life isn’t in flow.

I’ve frequently experienced when someone has come in for treatment to a sore neck or back, but I am drawn to a deeper held tension, that feels as if it’s the real thing to work on. When something is held in the body, we are held back from expressing our most true and vital self.

Moving Through Loss is a workshop which incorporates breathing exercises, mindful movement to connect with loss in the body, deep rest and journalling exercises.

Movement is an essential key to process what’s held in the body. The nervous system needs to be led to its ‘rest and digest’ state to allow the alertness to quieten.

The next Moving Through Loss workshops are on Sunday 28th April and Sunday 24th November. You can sign up by clicking the button below: