Pregnancy and Postnatal Care

pregnancy postnatal care

Pregnancy and postnatal care Osteopathic treatment through pregnancy can help to have a more enjoyable pregnancy. A variety of techniques can be used, including cranial and manipulation to help the body adapt to the rapid changes it is making. Sensitive touch can be deeply relaxing and reassuring.

The nature of working with a pregnant woman at such an important time in her life means that it is a privilege to be alongside offering support and advice and encouraging her to nurture herself. I enjoy treating the entire family, as I think that our personal health is intrinsically related to our tribe. In modern times we can live fairly isolated lives, but the connections with our loved ones have huge impacts on our own wellbeing.

I have a keen interest in cultural differences with pregnancy and birth. From my own Indian background, I am fascinated by the knowledge and support that have been offered throughout generations, such as cooking certain foods to maintain milk production, and having the maternal grandmother there for 4-8 weeks to help look after her daughter before and after the birth.

Issues that can be treated;

• Back pain, neck pain and other aches

• Sciatica

• Rib strains

• Carpel tunnel syndrome

• Heartburn

• Old injuries that resurface with the hormonal changes

• Labour preparation and post-labour care