Osteopathy is a manual system of diagnosis and treatment of the whole body. It was founded by Dr Andrew Taylor Still in Missouri, 1874 following the tragic loss of his wife and three of his children to meningitis. Dr Still became disillusioned with the medicine of that time, and was spurred on to study anatomy and observe nature.

Osteopathy helps to restore the self-healing mechanism of the body.

It does this by addressing the circulation of fluids, the function of the nervous system and the alignment of the musculoskeletal system. Treatment involves a combination of soft tissue work, joint mobilisation and spinal adjustments. Gentle ‘cranial’ techniques are also used which work with the inherent motion patterns throughout the body.

In the UK osteopathy is a protected title, and all osteopaths have undertaken a minimum 4-5 year training. Osteopaths are required to continue professional development to maintain their professional regulation.

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I have been treated regularly for a variety of conditions and symptoms by Avni for about ten years. I can honestly say that every visit is a positive and restorative experience. I find Avni’s holistic and comprehensive approach to treatment to be both reassuring and beneficial.
— Tim O’Brien