Pre-conception care is important to create a good foundation of health for your future.

The time of development in utero lays down the blueprint for health in later life, so it’s beneficial for both partners to be in their best health before conception.

Some clients come pro-actively when they are soon to start trying for a family. Others have been experiencing fertility challenges which can be distressing.


Lifestyle changes such as improving the menstrual cycle, addressing work/life balance, appropriate exercise, nutrition and stress management are supportive to hands on treatment.

For women dealing with the challenges of infertility and treatment such as IVF, treatment offers a space to reduce stress and process difficult emotions.  On a physical level treatment can help to prepare the body for pregnancy by addressing old injuries and alignment.

Specific techniques can also help directly on the uterus and surrounding organs such as the bladder, diaphragm and digestive tract. The aims of treatment are to encourage efficient blood flow in the pelvis, and hormonal and neurological communication through the body. Issues such as fibroids and endometriosis can be treated manually with women’s health osteopathic techniques.