Pregnancy is a natural state of being and our bodies are built to support this. Bringing a child into the world is a personal and intimate experience. I’m privileged to be part of that journey.

In early pregnancy a woman might be experiencing symptoms such as headaches or nausea. At this stage symptoms are mainly due to hormonal changes. Hands-on treatment is effective, gentle and reassuring. It can be a worrying time especially as midwifery or medical appointments may not have yet started or if there has been a history of miscarriages or fertility treatment. Sessions at this time can also be helpful to make changes to exercise, nutrition and stress management that will support a healthier and happier experience.

In mid-pregnancy symptoms can arise that are more mechanical in nature, to do with how the body adapts to the growing baby.

In later pregnancy, treatment works to align the pelvis and spine to facilitate and optimal position for the baby.

I am also passionate about supporting women through the fourth trimester or postnatal period.

It’s a crucial time for developing the mother-baby bond and sets the foundation for a good start. Symptoms such as birth strains, pelvic floor issues and breastfeeding challenges can be well managed at this time. Treatment is also helpful to nurture the woman so she can nurture her baby.

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I've worked with women experiencing conditions including:

  • gestational diabetes

  • twin pregnancy

  • antenatal depression

  • pelvic girdle pain/ symphysis pubis dysfunction

  • pregnancy following IVF or other assisted conception

  • VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean)

  • breech presentation.


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Avni has helped me with everything from a bad back to a virus I couldn’t shake to getting over post birth trauma. I could not have faced a second pregnancy without Avni’s help; her work was so transformative, I was able to give birth at home with nothing but a couple of panadols. It was a profound experience.
— Ana Garcia, Documentary Film-maker

Self-care Pregnancy Resources

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A 3-part video series packed with easy to action tips and information about supporting a happy, healthy pregnancy.

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Learn practical ways to cultivate your body intuition, bond with your baby, and experience a calm and empowered pregnancy.

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I was diagnosed with SPD for both my pregnancies. The daily pain in my hips & pelvis was so sore & debilitating it felt like my hips were going to shatter. As a normally very fit & active person, was very depressing. I was advised to see Avni, and the difference could not have been more remarkable. Avni knew exactly which areas to treat & her intuitive & sensitive methods of relieving tension & pain worked so well that it literally turned my life around. I cannot recommend Avni highly enough, she performs healing miracles!
— A.S.

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