Tip for wellbeing- cover up and keep your belly warm

warm belly.jpeg

This winter I have been raving about wearing a haramaki.  It's a traditional Japanese cotton product that is worn around the belly and it has many benefits. Energetically it supports the kidneys which is essential for maintaining warmth- if you're like me and don't like wearing too many bulky layers it's a great way of keeping comfortable in the cold weather.  For women it helps blood flow to the uterus, which is helpful for menstrual issues, pregnancy and postnatally.  It can even be worn at night to ensure you drift away to a good night's sleep. A Japanese client of mine told me that when she was growing up builders wore haramakis to support their backs- generally in an uninspiring shade of beige.  Thankfully they can now be sourced in a range of beautiful colours and sumptuous fabrics such as wool and angora as well as cotton.

Haramakis can be bought from good health food shops - and I am a particular fan of www.nukunuku.co.uk for their wide range. I'd love to hear how you find wearing yours.