On a Quest for Quiet in London - 5 tips

london cafe.jpeg

This month I committed to a writing practice, and planned to use different places in London to write on the go. After a few days of enthusiastic turning up to write, I was increasingly frustrated to find that I just I couldn't find a quiet space. Cafes often had thumping music, the British Museum members' room attracts a lot of teaspoon clinkers and it's just not warm enough to sit at an outdoor table just yet. I think it's essential to have quiet time to gather my thoughts, reboot my energy and regain a sense of being. I have often recommended my osteopathic clients to go out in the day and get some headspace, away from to-do lists and deadlines. However as I am finding, it's not easy to find peace and quiet in a bustling city.

So here are 5 tips if you're looking for peace and tranquility in London.

1- Churches. They are obviously set up for contemplation. My personal favourite is St James' Church in Piccadilly designed by Sir Christopher Wren and the weekly home of 'Alternatives'  talks which are a salvation for many a mind-body-spirit seeker. Also if you can sneak behind the street performers, the Actors' Church in Covent Garden is a quiet and warm hideaway

2- Two cafes I really recommend are Wigmore hall where you can also stay around for lovely lunchtime concerts. Yumchaa have recently opened a new branch of their loose tea chain and the light and airy space is a quiet place to work and study.

3- Book shops such as Daunt Books and Foyles might add to fervent book buying, but at least they are guaranteed for hushed tones.

4-Open spaces; ok so you might not be able to be entirely alone, but at least you can soak up a little bit of nature - my faves are Tavistock Square, Regent's Park and Fitzroy Square.

5-Lastly, one thing that I will be adding to my already heavy bag, is a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, so at least I can drown out most of the distractions around me.

At the risk of these secret quiet places being discovered, I would love to hear your favourite quiet places in London.