My Pressure Cooker and other Kitchen Contraptions


When I was a little girl, the sound of the pressure cooker bubbling away on the hob was both exhilarating and terrifying. The threat of injury was present with the ferocious sounds, and my brother and I were warned to stay well out of the way.

My mum managed to turn dried beans into all sorts of delicious fayre with quiet confidence and love. I am full of gratitude for her ability to create meals for our family, complete with hand-rolled chapattis and home-made yoghurt. She managed this despite having a full time job, and caring for her elderly mother and various other people who needed help and support. I rebelled against being ‘an Indian wife’, insisting that I had more to offer the world than just being in the kitchen. However the more I learn about health and well-being, the more I find importance in making my own meals, to trust the ingredients and the energy they contain. Food prepared with care has a different taste and vibration to processed foods made for our convenience.

The older I get, the more I can honour the nurturing aspect of wives and mothers, and see those roles as essential and important. These days I am learning to make chutneys and yoghurt and grow herbs and vegetables in pots on the windowsill.

Spending more time in the kitchen is a creative process, allowing me to express myself and experiment with ingredients and gadgets. Although I yearn for a simple life, there’s a fine line between self sufficiency and the hard slog. I want to enjoy life outside the kitchen too, and labour-saving gadgets help lessen the load. I am tentatively using my own pressure cooker (version 2- the first one gathered dust after receiving it as a wedding gift and finding the same resistance to the Indian wife archetype!) The noises still scare me, but it’s incredible to see dried beans turn into delicious and nutritious food in such as short time. It’s cheaper, and better for health to use a pressure cooker compared with canned beans. The soaking overnight is really not a big deal, it just takes a tiny bit of planning ahead.

My other must-haves are my juicer and Vita-mix. There are so many blogs about both, but I will write my views soon. For now, it’s just me and my pressure cooker.