It's a gift to know that you were wanted


In a recent programme Oprah Winfrey offered the statement that "It's a gift to know that you were wanted".  She spoke of her own childhood, born to a teenage mother who sent her away to live with her father, where she fell pregnant as a teenager to a baby she never felt a connection with. The baby later died and she took this as a second chance to have a better life.

Lately I have been captivated by the television show 'Long Lost Family', which reunites adopted children with their birth parents. Similar sentiments have been echoed amongst the myriad of emotions; 'Did I do the right thing by giving you up?' It's heartbreaking to hear the situations that led to the babies being given up for adoption, and also of the guilt and shame that was contained over the years. I was awestruck to see how profound and instant the healing of old wounds could be for the reconnected parent and child.

For those who weren't conceived consciously, it's important to find compassion and forgiveness rather than hold resentment. I will blog another post about family constellations, which I have found transformative in healing stuck bonds and ties.

Conception is a miracle. The chances of that particular sperm connecting with that particular egg in the right conditions is so low on the scale of statistics. It means that any pregnancy is a gift to be cherished.

Do we ever take the time to prepare for welcoming new life into the world? How do we make space in our busy lives? Increasingly it's been shown that the developing foetus is immersed in a hormone rich environment whilst in utero.  There is a profound difference between the hormones received from love and calm compared with stress and tension. As well as the changes that a couple might make in their lifestyle to prepare for pregnancy, I recommend really connecting with that yearning to bring in a new soul. This devotion will in turn influence other choices that are made on the journey to pregnancy.

If you want to watch the moving stories from 'Long Lost Family', get a box of tissues and a blanket and use the link below;