Do you have your team of well-being warriors around you?

wellbeing pregnancy self care.jpg

Whether it's whilst trying to get pregnant, being pregnant, or generally staying in good health, you need to have a good team around you. The team approach to healthcare ensures that nothing is missed, and that you are addressed as a whole person. Emotions, physical health, nutrition, stress, spiritual well-being and relationships are all small parts of the bigger part of you.

You can be sure that I practice what I preach. For me to be able to do my job and give to others, I ensure that I am well-nurtured and nourished. I find I work best with different things at different times, but at present I have support from acupuncture, reflexology and coaching. I also have healthy habits such as meditation, walking and cooking simple but healthy meals. I will talk more about planning healthy habits in another post.

It doesn't always matter what the health professional 'does', but who they are. Qualifications aren't the be-all and end-all. Things to look for are a warm and open manner, someone who asks you questions that make you think but don't feel invasive, humour, sensitivity, the ability to take your suggestions on too and a willingness to be flexible.

For fertility support, I recommend clients see an osteopath, acupuncturist and nutritionist. It's great if couples can both see health practitioners, it needn't be the same person, but the care is essential.

Clients having IVF are on a gruelling journey where the numbers are all-encompassing and little emphasis emotional care. I think it's essential to have healing treatments such as reflexology to switch-off and gain a sense of the whole body and mind.

I am of course biased, but osteopathy is so important during pregnancy to help the body to adapt to the rapid changes that are happening. Acupuncture is also excellent during this time. Whether a client is having NHS led or private care, the emotional aspect is rarely addressed. This is where supportive treatments come into their own, as the practitioner walks along your journey with you.

Where cost is an issue, consider going to teaching clinics for reduced priced sessions or even learning to do simple massage and swopping with a friend.

One of the best things about my job is the connection that forms with clients over time. There are a number of families where I have treated the mum through pregnancy, and also treat the kids and partner. In times gone by people had a local physician who knew them well and I think this is a sadly missed aspect of health. You matter, so build your team with skilled practitioners who care.