Natural Ways to Soothe Nappy Rash


Wherever possible, I recommend using natural, plant-based products for a baby's delicate skin. It's closer to the pH of the skin, which helps it to function rather than stripping the skin of its protective layer. I heard a statistic recently that shocked me- at birth, a baby has over 200 chemicals in their umbilical cord. Even commonplace baby products from brands we grew up with can be full of harmful ingredients such as mineral oils and talc. It is important to do your own research and look for transparency with ingredient lists. I know it can be overwhelming, but once you find some brands you trust, or start making your own products, you can rest assured that you are using non-toxic and healthy skin care.

Nappy rash is upsetting for both the baby and their parent. Here are some tips to prevent nappy rash in the first place:

How to Prevent Nappy Rash

  • Change the nappy frequently to avoid long periods of being in a wet or soiled.
  • Have some nappy-off time each day. In addition t's important for baby development to have some leg-kicking without being constrained by a nappy.
  • Avoid alcohol in wipes. There are some great natural ones such as Organyc and Water Wipes 
  • Pat dry after washing using a cotton towel. Don't rub the skin as this can cause irritation.
  • Consider using cloth nappies- there are some good ranges available these days that aren't as cumbersome to use. It helps to find a local cloth nappy supplier who can give lots of advice and tips to make them as user-friendly as possible.

Don't be too worried if your baby gets nappy rash- some people take it as a sign that they aren't doing enough for their baby. Remember that baby skin can heal quickly. Check the ingredients for products recommended by your pharmacist or GP. They are often petroleum-based, which can't easily be broken down by the body and sit as a barrier, rather than letting the skin breathe and therefore heal.

Here are some suggestions for natural treatments for nappy rash:

  • Dilute 10 drops of pure lavender oil in a spray bottle to make your own soothing spray to gently clean the nappy area.
  • Coconut oil is calming and its texture is good for keeping in moisture. Go for high-quality, food grade that is solid at room temperature.
  • Trusted brand Weleda has a gentle white mallow cream for nappy rash.
  • Organic brand Neal's Yard has a well-priced balm.
  • Or you could even make your own homemade cream. Wellness Mama has a great recipe.

I will be sharing more product tips soon- if there's anything you'd like me to review, do let me know.

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