Period Products That Take Care of Your Health

photo credit rawpixel

photo credit rawpixel

Thank goodness we no longer live in a time where sanitary protection means those old-fashioned belts of the past. Did you know, however, that tampons can contain bleach and other harmful chemicals?

It might be time to reconsider what you’re using when you have a period. Organic brands such as Natracare and TOTM are worth switching to from other disposable products. They are often available in your local pharmacy or supermarket.

For reusable options, try using a Mooncup. It’s made of silicone and is safe and environmentally-friendly. Bear in mind that they can be tricky to change when you’re out and about though.

In Eastern traditions it’s considered that the downward flow of blood is important energetically, and should not be blocked. Instead of a tampon or cup, washable pads can be a convenient option. Brands like Cheeky Wipes or Honour Your Flow.

I’m yet to try them, but I’ve heard good things about Thinx . You can use this link to get some money-off a pair of ‘period pants’.

And while you’re checking out these companies, it’s worth acquainting yourself with a great little charity called ‘Bloody Good Period’ who are doing great work to combat period poverty.