Posture Ponderings

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Do you suffer from stiffness and discomfort in your neck and shoulders?

Are you noticing how you increasingly seem chained to your desk or glued to your smartphone? The ‘forward-head posture’ that is commonplace with overuse of technology has a lot of negative effects on mood, comfort, blood circulation and lung capacity. In the long-term it can be linked to disc problems and arthritic changes. Forward-head posture conveys a lack of confidence and hence influences what others think about you. Instead of veering towards an ape-like posture, explore the freedom of movement your body has to offer.

Five tips for varying your posture;

1)  Make sure your computer screen is at eye-level so you can maintain a correct posture for your neck while you work.

2)  When using your phone raise it up so that you don’t get stuck in a poor position. Your arms will get tired keeping the phone up, which stops you from passing the hours in a daze.

3)  Vary the position that your body is in; for reading try a simple ‘legs against the wall’ position to relax the hamstrings and lower back whilst maintaining spinal alignment. Alternate some tasks standing to reduce desk time.

4)  After a long day’s work, banish sitting on your sofa and instead use props such as gym balls and bolsters to stretch out the hips and spine. Sitting cross-legged, in Japanese prayer position and squatting are all great ways of deepening flexibility and varying your position.

5)  Have regular osteopathic check-ups to maintain the alignment of your spine and reduce unnecessary tension in the body.

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