NaBloPoMo - kick needed


At the beginning of the year I set some intentions for 2013 - one of them was writing my first book. In all honesty I have struggled with the book- calling it a love-hate relationship.  At times being really motivated and inspired and at other times feeling embarrassed when someone asks me how the book is going (and I have a waffly response).  After months of no progress on the book, I decided I needed to make life simpler.  I was overwhelmed at the idea of the book, when really it's a collection of chapters, made up of sentences, made up of words.  So really, getting words on the page would eventually take shape as something that can be the essence of the book. Lately I have gone back to a daily writing practice (inspired by Julia Cameron's The Writer's Way), where you write 3 pages in a journal each morning. This approach creates a safe space to allow the words to flow, knowing that even the writer need never read the pages afterwards.  However a lot of what I am fearing with the book is around the theme of being 'seen'. I decided I needed to take small steps with this.

As the year draws to a close, I am pleased to have NaBloPoMo to help bring forth a flurry of blog posts, and face the fear that they might be read by others. This month I will be posting daily, and look forward (with a healthy amount of nerves) on what might come next.