Why does my baby need osteopathy?

baby osteopathy

This is a question I am often asked.  It's understandable, after all babies are so new aren't they? Yes it's true that they have slowly been developing in a warm fluid-filled womb, away from harsh stimuli.  However the transition to 'life on land' is not always easy.  Even for a straightforward birth, a foetus has to wrestle with reflex movements to make its way down the birth canal, whilst contractions press down on their skull and body.  For babies delivered by caesarean section they experience a more sudden pressure change.  Natural births and other birth-related issues such as forceps or ventouse deliveries can result in stresses and strain patterns.

Osteopathic check ups are useful for all babies as they can pick up on these strain patterns, and any palpable differences in tone and reflexes between one side of the body on the other.  It's better to resolve these differences early, as the bones are not fully 'ossified' or laid down at this stage, and early treatment can support growth to occur in a more 'aligned way'.

Some parents notice the benefits of osteopathy for supporting development particularly in the first year, where there's constant change and learning. I personally think it is really helpful.

Rest assured, osteopathic treatment is safe, sensitive and respectful of a baby's needs.