My favourite food blogs


Deciding on what I will have for lunch is definitely one of the most tantalising decisions of my day. I enjoy eating healthy, fresh food that gives me energy to carry out my physical work. As a vegetarian, I prioritise getting protein as it's not always easy to stay balanced. However I am a foodie too, and love the variety of taste and colour that good food provides.

There's been a surge of food bloggers in the last 3-5 years, and social media sites such as instagram and pinterest offer a behind the scenes look at their foodie worlds in a way that we just don't get with traditional chefs. I look towards bloggers for recipe ideas for smoothies, soups, salads, healthy snack bars and sugar free but taste packed desserts. Many recipes require a high speed blender such as a Vitamix, which I will write about soon, and a dehydrator, (on the wish list), but often the recipes are quick, easy and fun to make. I also recommend food blogs to clients who are looking to prepare more of their own food, but who want ideas and variety so it stays interesting.

My favourite ones are;

The Healthy Chef

This was one of the first blogs I came across and I love the ideas for dressings and sauces as they make a simple meal taste so much better.

Deliciously Ella

It shows the power of social media when a young 20-something blogger gets a book deal on the back of her huge following. Her recipes are always quick, easy and surprising- my recent favourite was a batch of cookies made with black beans and oats!

I Quit Sugar

2014 has seen a lot of press about the issues with sugar for inner and outer health. This blog is great for  sugar-free desserts, and also hosted a sugar-free challenge to get readers motivated and making major changes.

Love and Lemons

The aesthetic of this blog is just as pleasing as the recipes. I've been meaning to try making almond-ella - a healthy version of the dangerously addictive but junk-filled Nutella.

Let me know if there are any food blogs that you enjoy reading and getting ideas from.