How to have Happy Feet

healthy feet

After an unusually social week of 3 standing concerts and a party where I wore heels all night, my feet were whimpering for my needed attention.  One of the gigs was to see Prince, the small but mighty maestro. I couldn't help wondering how he keeps his feet happy at 55, having played in high heels for decades!

Here are the things that I fight useful for helping relieve tension in my feet, especially after a day of standing at work;

1) Yoga toes might look a strange contraption, but they are a unique product that you wear in between the toes to help to realign the joints and reduce tension. I wear mine in the house, and they leave a  light 'zingy' feeling afterwards.

2) Spiky massage ball

Sit or stand and roll the ball under the soles of your feet. Concentrate on areas of tension or discomfort, and keep rolling with enough pressure to feel a change, but not so much that you're wincing! These are great for knots in the shoulders and lower back too- great for travelling.

3) Calf stretches against a wall or using a belt also affect the deep muscles in the sole of the foot. You can also use a foam roller to iron out achey muscles.

4)Soak your feet in epsom salt baths, which are rich in magnesium and soothing for sore muscles. They will also help to destress and improve sleep so use in the evening. I recommend buying in bulk, and using a cupful in a basin of warm water.

5) See an osteopath who will assess your posture, gait (walking) and also examine and treat your feet. Busy people tend to live 'in their heads' and learning how to improve your feet will positively affect your whole wellbeing. Find your nearest osteopath on

Disclaimer- Always see a health professional for a detailed consultation and examination.