What Elvis would Advise about Action


The original hip-swiveller himself had a lot of wisdom when he sang the catchy line “a little less conversation, a little more action’. I’m using a dollop of artistic license to change the lyrics to “a little less stimulation, a little less action”.

Whether it be for my baby clients, or my fully-grown ones, my common advice is to slow down and rest more.

Babies’s brains are constantly making more neural connections. The brain of a baby doubles in the size in the first year. This is a staggering change, but it’s not just due to stimulation. The rest periods when a baby naps and sleeps are when growth occurs in the body.

Adults are busier than ever, attached to digital lifesavers and on the go for long stretches at a time. The small gaps of doing nothing are when the body and mind are at rest to repair and recover, and for flashes of creativity to be shown.

Follow these tips for a simpler, less hectic day.

1- Change rhythms throughout the day- think of a car changing gear- you wouldn’t drive in first gear all day as you wouldn’t get very far, and fifth gear causes damage to the engine if you go too far.

2- Use meal-times as a space to focus on eating and nothing else. Allow a mindful meal to nourish you with more than just food. For breastfeeding mums, close your eyes and rest at these times.

3- Practice saying no to taking on more things. Focus on one thing at a time. Be firm with your boundaries on this one. For babies, one activity a day (if that) is more than plenty.

4-Have quiet time before bed with lower voices and lighting, remote controls put away and a relaxing bath. This applies for babies and grown-ups too!

5- Regular positive touch such as hugs, hand-holding and massage all help to feel connected and centred.

What are your favourite ways to switch off? Leave your comments below.