Water, Water Everywhere, and Which Drop Shall I Drink?


It's no secret that London water is full of junk. Whenever I am in Cardiff visiting my inlaws, I devour the soft water that tastes so fresh and alive. My local water supply is dense with limescale, which leaves chalky marks crawling around the draining board and up the bathroom walls. Imagine what it must do to the insides of our bodies! I prefer natural cleaning products, but when it comes to limescale only the chemical ones really make a difference. The more I read about water, the more horrified I become thinking of heavy metals, sediments. excess acidity and other nasties.

The science aspect of water can get all-consuming and leave you feeling overly pedantic. However there are important things to consider based regarding your source of water, based on health, affordability, the environment and ease of use.

I've used water filters from 'that' ubiquitous brand for years, but wanted to look at more sophisticated options. I use a charcoal refillable water bottle when I am out and about, which I love from Black and Blum http://www.black-blum.com/products/eau-good-filter-water-bottle/ . I don't like buying water in plastic bottles due to the unnecessary waste, toxic plastic and bacteria from the long-term storage. At some point I will probably invest in a system for the entire home, but it doesn't make sense to do that for the next few years.

For the last 3 months I have been using the Eva filtration system.https://www.revital.co.uk/EVA-Water-Clinic. It looks similar to the water dispensers you find in offices, with a barrel at the top and a tap at the bottom. A little bulky for a home kitchen, but what with the juicer and Vitamix it's already looking like a laboratory. Gravity is used to filter the water down through many layers of filters, including ceramic, carbon and minerals, without needing electricity. It's apparently safe enough for babies and toddlers to drink without boiling, which makes a time-saving option for families.

Unlike water distillers, the water is remineralised through the process, so all that’s left is slightly alkaline and great-tasting water. I’ve been really impressed, and have even been using the shower filter, which is a simple shower head replacement. I haven’t had to replace any parts as yet, as they last over 9 months rather than monthly.

Our bodies are over 84% water, and we need to constantly replenish ourselves with good quality drinking water. However make sure you consider your source wisely.

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