Five Quick Tips for Decluttering Joy

decluttering joy coat hangers

I'm averse to New Year's Resolutions as January is such an inward time of year- frankly I'm still hibernating right now. I've done juicing fasts, detoxes and full on exercise plans before, but these days I start the year more gently. Decluttering is one activity that I really do with vigour, however, as a simpler start to the year clears my head and cultivates more energy. Creating space is the first step to anything you want to bring into your life, be it new projects, a relationship or a new home. Here are five quick tips for culling clutter in your home: 1) This month, I am following the 'January Cure' which offers free daily emails to declutter without fuss. It's not to late to join in and the tips are easy to action.  .

2) Book a session with declutterer extraordinaire Helen Sanderson - who creates healing spaces and minimalist places. She's fierce about decluttering- using rapid-fire techniques to help you blast through the debris of accumulated stuff, and helping get to the other side of the chaos when, left to your own devices you might have ended up loafing instead!

3) Follow the simple principles from the gorgeous book 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up' . Even watching her videos of folding clothes makes me feel relaxed.

4) Follow principles of buying less stuff, only keeping what's useful or beautiful and borrowing the nightclub bouncer's rule of 'one in, one out' to manage your possessions.

5) Finally for a little light relief I love this sketch from George Carlin about stuff-