Valentine's Day- (Each and Every Day)

self care valentines

When I was single I yearned for someone to spoil me on Valentine's day. It always felt like a day when I was on the outside looking in, on everyone else who was being romanced. It often felt lonely, thinking that everyone else was having a magical day. Nowadays I find it tacky to see shops full of stuff to buy, just for one day. I am a true romantic and I believe that love should be celebrated daily. There's nothing romantic in buying ubiquitous red roses or having an overpriced set menu meal in a local restaurant. Connecting with your true love takes care, consideration and communication. It's the little touches that go deep.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, make sure you practice self-care daily. Don't leave it for someone else to meet your needs.

Here are 7 ways to practice self-care:

1-Take a pink bath- I usually recommend baths with Epsom salts, but since it's Valentine's day after all, use Himalayan salts for a magical pink hue to your bath water. Add oils such as ylang ylang or ginger and add flower petals for an extra indulgence. On honeymoon in Bali I loved the care that went into drawing baths- it makes it an act of service. It's something I really recommend doing for yourself of your loved one. (This is a lovely thing to do for a frazzled partner- they will emerge like a completely new person afterwards).

2-Practice Gratitude - even in the most challenging situations, there's something to be grateful about. Gratitude affects the neurotransmitters we release in our bodies, which positively affect how we feel, and over time even change brain activity. It's a surefire way of feeling balanced and connected, without the melodrama of the Hollywood idea of love.

3-Have a daily routine of things that make you feel good. It doesn't matter what you do, for each list is as unique as a snowflake. Doing what makes you feel good (instead of what you should do) is good for the mind, body and soul. My personal favourites are a walk in nature, an afternoon siesta, curling up with a good book, treating myself to art supplies or stationery and indulging in natural lotions and potions.

4- Write down your ideal day. Work out the details- how would you like to wake up? Where would you like to be? What would you like to do? Then book a date and allow yourself to have that day. Once you've experienced your ideal day, start to plan a similar day at regular intervals- you'll always have something to look forward to and something to reflect back on.

5- Make space for the people you care about. Share experiences without phones and interruptions. Go for a leisurely lunch or brunch and really take to listen. Our basic human needs are to be seen and heard, and this level of connection is beneficial for both sides.

6- Just be. Take some time to be present, and notice your breath, posture, and what's going on around you. Notice what's happening in the moment, rather than rushing to the next thing.

7-Touch. As an osteopath I am biased, but connecting touch is worth much more than anything you can buy. Massage your feet or face, or book in for a treatment, or enjoy a hug with your partner.

Happy Valentine's Day for tomorrow and every day. I'd love to hear how you are celebrating.