For the Women who Want to Have a Baby in the (near) Future

pregnancy fertility preparation want to have a baby one day? Well it might not be in the next year, but if it's in sight for the next 1-3 years, I encourage you to start making some changes. Pregnancy is a yin time. That means it's inward, requiring you to push less, and be in flow.Chances are you're more used to going hard and fast rather than soft and slow. It takes time to learn how to be less driven, so I suggest you start now.

1- Make space - Allow space in your diary where you're not getting through your to-do list. Learn to 'potter' at times- this is a much more mindful state, where stress levels lower and the mind and body are connected. Look at anything in your past that you don't want to carry forward to your child- be courageous to do what it takes to let it go.

2- Nourish yourself - start to treat yourself as the precious person you are. That means the food you put in your body, they way you choose to exercise (which means softening if your workouts are tough, or getting active if you are not moving enough).

3- Get aligned - Physically this can be achieved through seeing a Women's Health practitioner such as myself, or a bodyworker. Your body is your history, so the ankle injury from 10 years ago or the old snowboarding fall on your coccyx can affect the balance throughout spine, pelvis and entire body. It makes a huge difference to healthy pregnancy to be in good balance.

4- Be dreamy - allow some time each day or week to visualise, daydream and journal how you want your life to be as a mother. It's important to give space to your dreams.

5- Check which way your compass is heading. Look at all areas of your life. Career, relationship, finances, spirituality, health etc. Be honest with yourself. What's going well, what could be improved in line with a future pregnancy? For example, if your work requires you to fly long-haul or work regular hours, what could put in place so you gradually have a better balance? Or if you are self-employed, what do you need for a financial cushion to allow you to have maternity leave or pay for support with your baby etc? If you're heading off on a tangent, steer yourself back so you're on course to have a family in time.

6- Get to know your menstrual cycle. if you are currently on the contraceptive pill, consider an alternative method. Use a journal or apps such as Kindara or Glow to chart your cycle, symptoms and feelings. Allow yourself to rest in the first few days of your period- it's a perfect time for reading, watching movies and going on walks in nature. Change over to organic sanitary protection or a menstrual cup as healthier options.

7- Get rid of the environmental nasties. We are exposed to all manner of harmful chemicals. Make simple switches such as natural detergents, organic beauty products and devices to curb the harmful effects of wi-fi.

I hope this post gives you some simple and easy to action ideas, and I would love to hear how you get on.