Review: Baby Cup

baby cup.jpg

I've had a little help from my little friends to review this product.

The kind people at Baby Cup sent over some of their award-winning cups to trial. As a paediatric osteopath, I am interested in products that work and are necessary, to prevent wasting valuable resources.

When it comes to using a cup, many parents opt for a lidded cup as it can be knocked over without spilling all its contents. However dentists will tell you that these cups are not great for child dentition as they can cause malocclusion which can require costly orthodontic work. Sippy cups can be unhygienic too, as bacteria can breed in hard-to-wash parts.

There's also a link with tooth decay and sippy cups, due to drinking throughout the day and not just at mealtimes.

So I was keen to take a look at Baby Cup to see if it's a plausible solution. They come in a variety of colours and are easy to stack and carry.

Why is it good?

  • transition from breastfeeding/ a bottle to a cup without the need for a 'sippy cup' which causes dental issues.
  • encourage sipping rather than sucking motion for good mouth development.
  • gain independence by preparing for a functional skill.
  • help to develop gripping- an important fine motor skill.
  • can be used for premature or newborn babies e.g. when breastfeeding issues may be present.
  • small size is perfect for little hands - both hands or progress to single hand as they grow.
  • small size so parents and caregivers won't constantly be mopping up spills.
  • BPA and pthalate free so non-toxic.
  • safe to use in the dishwasher or steriliser.

I've been really impressed with the product and the number of situations it can be used for. A simple idea but really valuable for helping development, preventing dental issues and dealing with feeding challenges.

Where to get them:

You can buy Baby Cup online,  from JoJoMaman Bebe or Ocado.