Why You Need to Adapt Your Habits for the Changing Seasons

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Unless your eyes have glazed over, scrolling through your Instagram feed, it won’t have escaped your attention that the last few days have been getting noticeably darker and chillier. Nature is definitely shedding her coat to make way for a more still season.

Yet modern life can maintain a relentless busyness. A 247 world that’s noisy and speedy. Emails that get fired off at all times of day and the pressure to have to respond immediately.

People never really fully switch off.

We are more vulnerable when we try too hard and push too much. After a while our systems can’t take it anymore. That’s when they fold and we get sick.

It’s essential to follow the natural rhythms. Life is in motion, but there’s an ebb and flow. Women operate best when their bodies are in a receptive state, rather than driving all the time. It’s good to get out into nature for this, as well as to draw inward into our inner nature.

You can tune in to the rhythms if you pay attention.

The daily shift of circadian rhythms that takes us from dusk until dawn.

The monthly movements of the moon and the menstrual cycle.

The shifts of the seasons from spring to summer to autumn and winter.

The annual orbit of the sun around the moon.

I practice a type of bodywork called zero balancing which looks at the structure and the energy of the body.

The structure includes habits, behaviours and routines. The energy includes emotions and vitality.

If there’s not enough structure, boundaries get too blurry and there’s not enough support.Think of times when you forget to eat at regular times and end up picking up unhealthy foods on the go.

If there’s too much structure, things get too rigid and there’s not enough flow. For example, your diary might be choc full, and not have enough flexibility to take a break when you feel tired.

We need a container with space for magic to happen. This applies to the body, mind, daily habits and even the diary.

The energy is different in the changing seasons, and so we need to change our structures too to support us.

Usually I’m lark like in my urgency to get up and on with my day. I relish the quiet of the early mornings. It’s when I can meditate best and where usually I have chosen to exercise to pep me up for the day.

Lately with the darker, colder starts I haven’t felt like moving as much. If I go too slow I feel sluggish and it takes a lot for me to get out and about. I’ve switched from regular jogs to wanting to exercise inside- back to reformer pilates for me.

I’ve managed to eat mainly grain-free in the warmer weather, but these days I find myself constantly craving carbs. Finding the right foods that feel nourishing but that don’t have the dreaded soporific factor feels like a quest at the moment!

Tips on shifting your daily rhythm with the changing seasons.

*The sunrise is much later in October than June. Try and have a slower start to the day so your body has time to adjust.

* In the autumn it’s great to make the most of the sunshine whenever you can find it. Get outside, take in the fresh air. Step on the crunchy leaves.

*The colours and scents at this time of year are mesmerising. You might feel inspired to make art or to cook with seasonal goodies such as butternut squashes or damsons or pear. Connecting with the senses helps to be present.

*Make the most of the evenings for self-care such as restorative yoga or baths. The more your nervous system can restore, the more it can support the immune system to stay strong.

I’d love to hear how you change your habits with the seasons. Comment over on @avnitouch on Instagram and let me know.