Episode 5: Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss with Psychotherapist Julia Bueno


In this episode we talked about: 

  • Personal experience of miscarriage

  • A new direction in life after miscarriage

  • Shifts in bereavement care

  • Secrecy, shame and isolation after miscarriage

  • The 12-week

  • Words matter-

  • Grieving after a miscarriage

  • When should you seek counseling after a loss?

  • Support groups and online support

  • How to find a therapist

  • ARC Antenatal Results and Choices - https://www.arc-uk.org/

  • The need for more pregnancy loss services

  • Cultural stigma of miscarriage

  • Self-blame and loss

  • Trauma and the body

  • Spiritual beliefs and miscarriage

  • The lack of research into experiences of miscarriage from non-Caucasian experiences

  • High-profile influence of normalising miscarriage

  • The poem ‘Ghost’ by Julia Copus, which inspired the title of the book

  • What loved ones can do/ say to support someone in pain



Monthly support group in London 

You can find out more about Julia by visiting www.juliabueno.co.uk

Buy her book, ‘Brink of Being’