Episode 6: Rest is Revolutionary with Karen Brody



Karen Brody is the founder of Daring to Rest, a yoga nidra-based approach for women. 

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Karen’s former experience of being a Type A personality and having panic attacks.

  • Finding yoga nidra at her yoga studio whilst looking for a stretchy class to tone up her body.

  • Lying down and taking a nap was outside of her paradigm

  • Realising that she put her boys down for a nap each day and it helped them to be less cranky, but why wasn’t she doing this for herself?

  • The danger of sleep-deprivation

  • How do you quiet the mind?

  • What is yoga nidra? Sleep meditation with a state of relaxed awareness

  • Feelings of freedom, hope and possibility arose from the experience of yoga nidra

  • The subconscious mind guiding you to your best self

  • The fourth state of consciousness that you can’t access from sleep

  • Rest-shaming in our culture

  • Letting go of what you don’t need

  • Being supported and safe when you lie down and surrender

  • Yoga nidra as a gift for your baby/ children

  • Even 5 minutes of yoga nidra in the car is worthwhile

  • Realising the transformational effect of yoga nidra after a traumatic robbery which left Karen with PTSD

  • Creating a rest cave

  • Sharing yoga nidra online to give more people access and create connections and community from women all over the world

  • Training women in the Daring to Rest Method

  • Yoga nidra taught an embodied understanding of choice and agency

  • This tool can be used alongside anti-anxiety medication and anti-depressants

  • Feeling less alone and more connected

  • Yoga nidra as non-negotiable rest before and during your period

  • Bookending in the morning and/or night

  • Soul whispers

  • The Wild Woman archetype from Clarissa Pinkola Estés

  • Activating the intuitive part

  • Awakening creativity through rest

  • Lying down teaches us to tune in

  • The most radical act for women is to rest and reawaken



If you’d like to connect with Karen Brody, find her @karen_Brody or @daringtorest or visit her website:


You can read her book, 

Daring to Rest: Reclaim Your Power with Yoga Nidra Rest Meditation

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