Episode 12: Supporting New Mothers and Newborn Babies with Lynn Murphy


“Mothering is a verb. It’s something that we do. Women can mother in all sorts of ways”


In her former life, Lynn was an artist. Following the birth of her two children and the inspiration of attending Active Birth Classes with Janet Balaskas, she went on to train with Janet, qualifying as an Active Birth Teacher for Pre and Postnatal yoga and Active Birth preparation for couples in 1997.  She was invited by Janet, on qualifying, to teach at the Active Birth Centre where she is till this day as Co -Director.

Lynn devised the Postnatal programme at the Active Birth Centre and her training for practitioners focuses on the early months after birth, “New Baby & Me”, this training is drawn from her experience and extensive knowledge of the last 21 years.

Lynn brings her skills and love of Yoga, Massage and Active Birth to all her classes injecting them with positivity. Helping parents-to-be prepare for birth and parenthood is at the core of her work and to further support this she works closely with her local hospital on Maternity Voices and delivers workshops for couples on Active Birth & Massage for Labour. 

In this episode we talked about:

  • Lynn trained with Janet Balaskas in pregnancy and postnatal yoga and the Active Birth philosophy.

  • Realising the need for supporting mums with younger babies, that led her to create the ‘New Baby and Me’ class

  • Challenges for new mothers including the lack of support, tending to the baby whilst taking care of themselves, nutrition, relationship with the post-natal body

  • The Active Birth Centre in London, created by Janet Balaskas, and dedicated to women during and after pregnancy with classes, therapies, and courses

  • Starting yoga at the age of 21 and feeling a sense of coming home, and the gift of continuing the practice whilst pregnant

  • The influence of Vanda Scaravelli on the approach of pregnancy yoga, working with the intelligence of the body

  • Adapting yoga to a woman’s body, especially in pregnancy for a softer approach

  • Honoring of the support that’s needed and the experience of early motherhood

  • Mothering is a verb, there are many ways to mother

  • Nurturing to be able to nurture their baby

  • Comparison and being a ‘good enough mum’

  • Being in a safe space of non-judgement

  • Bonding can take time

  • The overuse and therefore devaluation of ‘bonding’ and ‘skin to skin’

  • Doing v being

  • Creating safe space e.g. by connecting with your own body, being open, and listening deeply

  • Developing instinct through embodiment and listening to the heart and gut

  • Mini- moments of yoga to integrate movement into life

  • Lying in constructive rest on the floor for a power nap

  • The gut as the seat of our emotions

  • Softening into the breath


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