Episode 2: Exploring Life through the Expression of the Body with Liz Koch


“The spine isn’t a column, it’s a living river”


Liz Koch (pronounced Cook) is a somatic educator and creator of ‘Core Awareness’. Her work is relevant to anyone interested in yoga, dance, pilates, birth, recovering from back pain and living a more embodied and creative life. 


In this episode, we talked about:

- The disembodied language and education of the body

- What is embodiment? 

- Paying attention to the intelligence of the system you have within you

- Our animal body/ being

- Why children need to move

- Exploring life through the expression of the body

- What happens when mammals don’t play

- Play and the Parasympathetic Nervous System

- Your Body is not an object. You are this transmission of life.

- Decolonising and deconstructing the compartmentalisation.

- Landing and locating- blossoming as a human being

- The psoas as the centre of your being

- A living systems model

- The psoas as a messenger of safety

- Feeling and expression

- Movement is the medicine

- The capacity to survive and thrive is through movement

- No-one has to teach you biological movement, it’s yours

- Micro-movements

- The fluidity of the system dries up through lack of movement

- Movement is always there, in the tissues, and organs. 

- The sensory system is about pleasure

- All life is fluid-based

- The ankle joint and its importance for the psoas as a transitional joint

- The psoas in birth and motherhood

- Play and survival

- Why ‘go go go’ is a sympathetic response where healing doesn’t take place

- How to nourish yourself back into being

- Language of earth in the language of the body


Quotes: “We are here, but we have no sense of being here”

“Play is life”

“Movement is the medicine”


More about the psoas https://coreawareness.com/about/psoas/

Liz Koch’s new book, Stalking Wild Psoas: Embodying Your Core Intelligence: https://amzn.com/1623173159 

First book (now in its 30th edition!) The Psoas Book: https://amzn.com/0615647995 
For more resources, workshops and distance learning, go to www.coreawareness.com